Shuttle Storage - Terms and Conditions

Shuttle Storage’s services are available only if you accept these terms and conditions.  If you engage our services, then you have accepted the terms and conditions.

The charges for our services depend on what you are storing with us and can be determined from our price list and your agreement with us.  However, because some items may not be included on the price list, if there is any conflict between the price list and our agreement, the agreement shall govern. 

We are a storage company, not a packing company.  Our delivery people will not pack your boxes, and we will not be responsible for the packing of your boxes.  So, be careful how you pack your items.  There are weight guidelines for your boxes.  Those are not only for the safety of the delivery people, but also to ensure the integrity of the boxes; please adhere to the weight limits.

Unless otherwise noted, the minimum storage term is three months.  After that three month period, the storage lease shall convert to a month-to-month agreement.  Rent will be due monthly, with the first payment due on the day that we pick up your items, and then on the same date of each month thereafter.  Most rent is paid for with credit cards, and so most missed payments are because of cards that are expired or declined for other reasons.  If this happens, we will make a second attempt to charge the card and then attempt to notify you that the payment has been declined.  So, please remember your Shuttle Storage account when dealing with credit card issues!  Late rent is subject to a late charge after 14 days and an additional late charge after 30 days.  Continued failure to pay rent subjects items to a lien; which is a fancy way of saying that we can sell your stuff in order to satisfy your rent. 

We require you to use your real name on your Shuttle Storage account, and you can only store property that you actually own and unless ordered to do so, Shuttle Storage is not going to release your belongings to a third party without a court or arbitration order.  If a third party seeks possession of the property and names as a party in a dispute, we may elect to return that property to you, at your expense, rather than become involved in the property dispute.

While we respect your privacy, if we have reason to believe that you are storing illegal or hazardous goods, we reserve the right to enter your boxes, inspect your stuff, remove any hazardous goods, and notify law enforcement of any illegal goods.