Shuttle Storage - Privacy Policy

Shuttle Storage respects your privacy- online and in person.  However, we have to gather some basic information about you in order to do business, and the nature of our business is that we have possession of your things.  Here is how we protect your privacy, while still running our business.


  1. We only gather the personal information that we need.  In order to do business with you, we need some basic information like your name, your physical address, your mailing address, your phone number, your email address, and your credit card/debit card/ or other bank account number.  This is the information that we need in order to do business with you and you will know we have this personal information because you will have to supply it to us. 

  2. We only share your personal data when we need to in order to facilitate our business relationship; we do not sell your data to third parties.  So, we will use your data to process a payment to us or to pursue payment if you default, but we will not sell your data to a telemarketer or similar agency.  If we are legally compelled to share your data, we will do so. 

  3. ShuttleStorage® uses AdRoll’s Remarketing tools to direct ads on other webpages to visitors who have previously visited our webpage. We do not collect personal information such as names, locations, or other personal data.

    Third Party Vendors as well as AdRoll show ShuttleStorage® ads on websites across the internet. ShuttleStorage® employs cookies stored from someone’s past visit to our website in order to distribute these ads across the internet.

  4. We will gather some non-personal information about you in order to improve our business processes.  This information might include where our web-traffic comes from, what type of web browser or platform you are using, and other information that can help us optimize your user experience.  It is not really personal information, but we feel like it is only fair that you know that we are looking at that data in order to keep our website running smoothly. 

  5. We protect the privacy of your physical property.  We have no intention of entering into your stored materials and inspecting them.  However, if we have reason to believe that you are storing something that is hazardous, illegal, or otherwise violates our terms and conditions, we do reserve the right to inspect your belongings, remove any violating materials, and report you to the appropriate authorities.  We have to safeguard the safety of our employees and our facilities. 

  6. We will not turn your property over to a third party.  When you store property with us, you are making a claim that you own the property.  If another party makes a claim to the same property, we will not give them access to the property absent a court order or binding arbitration order compelling us to do so, but we may choose to return your property to you to avoid being enmeshed in your dispute.