Shuttle Storage - How It Works

Shuttle Storage may offer the easiest storage solution for the busy people. 

  1. Determine what you need to store.   What size are the items you want to store?  Do you have any oversize items like bikes or other seasonal exercise equipment?  Will you be using our storage boxes or will you be using your own storage bins?  Knowing what you need to store, whether you will need storage boxes, approximately how many boxes you will need, and the size of those boxes. 

  2. Contact Shuttle Storage to schedule delivery and pickup of your boxes.  Frequently, we are able to schedule prompt delivery of storage boxes, but you can also schedule them in advance.  If you are uncertain what your needs are, one of our professionals can help you determine your needs in a telephone consultation.

  3. Pack.  You pack the stuff in your boxes or ours.  Our delivery people cannot help you with packing, so if you need packing help, please keep that in mind for planning purposes.  We do have some packing tips to help you get the most out of packing.  For example, you want to pack things that you use together in the same storage bin, so that you do not have to retrieve multiple bins for a single purpose.  You will also want to distribute weight across bins in order to avoid having bins that exceed weight limits.  You can also maximize packing potential by rolling clothing, rather than folding it, and by using space inside of packed items to pack other items- like packing socks inside of shoes! Make sure and keep track of which box holds what items, so that when you want access to those items later, you can just get a specific box.

  4. We pick up your boxes.  You can schedule pick up of your boxes at the same time that you schedule the delivery of the boxes, or, if you are not sure how long packing will take, you can schedule this part after you have finished packing. 

  5. Storage.  Once we have picked up your boxes, we will deliver them to one of our safe, secure, pest-free storage facilities.  We monitor your belongings on a 24 hour CCTV screen, so that you can rest easy, knowing they are safe. 

  6. Delivery.  When you are ready to have some or all of your belongings returned to you, simply schedule delivery of the box holding those items.  We will bring them to you!