Shuttle Storage - About Us

We Deliver.  You Pack.  We Store. 

One of the things about self-storage facilities that has always struck us as ironic is that they are set up perfectly for people in the suburbs, who tend to have more space in their homes and not need additional storage space.  People who live in urban environments face some real challenges in utilizing storage facilities.  They may have some real problems with transportation, so that delivering items to and from storage facilities becomes a challenge.  They may also have real space problems in urban environments, so that seasonal storage becomes critical.  That is where Shuttle Storage comes in.  It is storage done differently. 

Shuttle Storage combines a traditional storage company with a delivery or moving service.  We deliver storage units to you, you pack them, and we come pick them up.  We can also pick up large items that do not fit into storage bins or units or even pick up items that you have stored in your own boxes or bins.  The best thing is that you are only going to pay for the storage space you actually use, rather than having to pay for a larger space than the one you need. 

One of the big concerns people have about storage facilities is security.  People worry about the safety of their belongings; while they know that their storage units are locked, they wonder about how easy it is for people to access the locked storage facilities and how many people have access to the secured storage facility.  With Shuttle Storage, the only people with access to the facility are Shuttle Storage employees.  We have 24 hour CCTV views of your bins.  Another concern in storage facilities is personal security; it can be intimidating to access your belongings inside of a storage unit.  With Shuttle Storage’s delivery service, you do not have to worry about going through your bins in a storage facility; instead, you can have them delivered to you and go through them in the comfort and safety of your own home. 

Another big concern is time. Shuttle Storage understands that your time is valuable.  That is why we bring our bins to you.  You schedule the drop off and pick up times for you bins, and, when you want your belongings back, you schedule those times as well, saving yourself the back-and-forth trips to get your items.