What is ShuttleStorage?

ShuttleStorage is a combination storage company and delivery/moving service.  We deliver storage units to you, you pack them, and we come pick them up.  Alternatively, we can pick up your own boxes from your or large items that are not boxed.  We pick them up, store them in a secure storage facility, and deliver them to you at your request.

How quickly can I schedule a bin delivery and pick up?

That depends on how many bins you need, your proximity to our facility, and our availability.  We strive to exceed customer expectations, so if you need immediate service, please call us and speak to a customer service representative.

How do I know my stuff is safe?

Our premises are more secure than traditional storage facilities because they have limited access, we also monitor your possession with 24 hour live CCTV coverage.

How should I pack my bins?

We suggest keeping two things in mind when packing your bins: weight and convenience.  You want to try to distribute the overall weight of your things across all of your bins, rather than putting all of your heavy items in a single bin.  You also want to think about what you are likely to want at the same time and pack those items in the same bin.

Does ShuttleStorage offer a packing service?

 Sorry, we do not offer packing service at this time. 

Are there things ShuttleStorage cannot store?

Of course.  We would like to say that common sense should be your guide in determining that we can store for you, but that is not exactly true.  We can store some items that are larger than bins, but we are not set up for furniture storage.  However, we do offer storage for seasonal items like sporting equipment, AC units, and heaters.  However, we will not store any items that are illegal, hazardous, liquid, flammable, perishable, or explosive. We are cautious about storing fragile items and understand that the terms fragile is a subjective one; while we exercise reasonable caution with items, glass and other breakables are not good candidates for storage.